Pottery the New Mindfulness Meditation

When we think of mindfulness and meditation, the one area people don’t think about is well, pottery. But, pottery is actually super beneficial for stress relief, and it’s a form of mindfulness meditation that many have started to look into. How does it work? Why in the world should we choose clay to help us ease the stress in our lives? Well, read on to find out.

Stress and Meditation

Chances are when you think of any sort of meditation, we think of sitting down with our legs crossed, saying “ohm” and not doing anything else. While yes, that’s one form of meditation, that’s actually not just one that you should use.

  • School
  • Home life
  • Family
  • Children
  • Financial reasons
  • Higher cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Weight gain
  • Anger
  • Anxiety of any level

Creativity and Stress

If you still don’t see how pottery can relieve stress, why not take a moment to look at the complete harmony that’s brought forth. It’s a great way to relieve stress in an independent manner, and it’s a very valid way to help with the troubles of life.

  • Centering and forming various shapes on the wheel
  • Perfecting the walls and lids in order to create a beautiful piece
  • Painting stains and glazes on them to help give them an extra flair
  • Firing these in a kiln to the perfect stage that you can
  • Putting less focus on yourself, and more on external activities
  • Allowing you to not worry so much about what’s going on
  • Reducing the impact of what’s stressing you out

Different Brain Parts, Less Worry

Yes, you are using a different part of the brain when you’re stressing out, and when you’re doing pottery. Both of these factors are here because of the different parts that you use.

  • The pituitary wakes up
  • The hormones cause the adrenal gland to release cortisol
  • The cortisol travels through the blood to other parts and they react to stress
  • The body gets sent into action
  • Less stress on aspects of life

The Issues Go away

The biggest thing to remember is that these issues will go away, melting into the background, and that’s because you’re not using your brain to focus on those at this point. It’s actually something that you can use to focus more on tasks at hand. That’s because when you’re doing pottery, you’re focusing on the following:

  • Working with and feeling the clay
  • Bringing ideas to life

Mindfulness and Pottery

One aspect of pottery is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a huge aspect of creativity, and when you focus on this, you take in the aspects of it, and you’re essentially looking, feeling, and embracing the texture that is here. Pottery focuses on the creation, and it goes from there to different angles and such. You essentially get lost in what’s being made, and at this point, nothing else is really at the forefront.

  • Lowers your heart rate
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces the stress hormones and chemicals
  • Decreases adrenaline
  • Allows for more focus

A Freedom You May Not Really Understand

If you think about it, it is a form of freedom too. If you want to express yourself, sometimes the way to truly do so is by being creative. Being creative brings forth freedom that you may not understand currently.

  • No restrictions
  • A better state of mind than following one simple pattern
  • You don’t have to worry about being perfect
  • You can touch on those creative aspects of life
  • You can actually become more self-aware of what you’re doing
  • You can truly go through the process and understand what you’re going, and why it doesn’t work/works
  • It allows for emotions and feelings to be expressed better

Mistakes are Made

One aspect of pottery that you’ll need to realize is that mistakes are a huge part of this, and you’ll be able to handle these mistakes in a much healthier manner when you’re not stressed about them.

  • The pot will fly off the wheel
  • It will get all over the place
  • It can make a mess on you and the areas
  • You can become aware of what is happening now
  • You’re living less in the past, and in your head
  • Through mistakes, you learn to create something better
  • It allows for more resilience as you tackle other perspectives until the end goal is reached

Only Person to Impress is Yourself

With pottery, do you ever realize that you’re not having to be judged by teachers or anyone else, but instead of yourself? Sure, if you really want to get judged, you can, but lots of people take on pottery because of the fact that you don’t have to work with a teacher, and that’s a big part of it.

  • That you don’t have to worry about being criticized
  • That it allows for artistic freedom
  • You obsess over the complexity of the poses
  • You can get discouraged if you can’t do it

A connection Between Body and Clay

Finally, let’s talk about how the clay plays a part in all of this. That’s because our fingertips play a huge part because we have a variety of nerve bundles that are there.

  • You can even relax your breathing to work with your hands
  • The immediacy and malleability of the clay creates this connection
  • This connection will allow us to relax and have a bit of stress relief in our lives
  • It can make you almost feel emotion at your fingertips
  • Can get your mind off the worries and more focus on the clay
  • Can help you get more of a focus and grounding on yourself, and at the end of the day make life easier

Pottery is Mindful!

Pottery allows you to be creative, expressive, and it gives you that place to really care for yourself, and not worry about what’s going on. In a sense, it’s relaxing, and it allows you to drift to another world for a second.

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