How to Make Pottery at Home without a Wheel

Pinching Pottery

  • Roll the clay to the size of a fist
  • Create a hole with your thumb, or a well
  • From there, slowly pinch it until you’ve got a bowl that’s about 6 mm thick
  • Flatting it out so it sits in a stable manner
  • Drawing lines around there
  • Stamps and impressions on the clay to create an imprint
  • Painting if you feel like trying something new

Slab it Up!

  • Clay
  • Rolling Pin
  • Rolling Guides
  • Put them in a plastic bag with a newspaper over there or a sheet
  • Let them slowly dry out, and check on these every few days to a week
  • Once they have hardened, you essentially can put these together

Score and Slip?

  • Soaking up the clay in water
  • Slosh it around so that it can move about
  • Finely shave the clay so that it works
  • First, you create crosshatches on the base
  • Use your finger to spread on the slurry, it should be thick and clayey
  • From there, attach these together with a wooden bat to help secure this
  • Repeat the process until all of the sides are attached to one another
  • Roll out the clay so that it is at the length you need it
  • From there, you cut some lengths that are about a centimeter wide
  • From there, draw out where the walls will come to the lid
  • From there, score and slip so that it’s in the line at the centimeter lengths so that it creates a square on the side of the lid
  • It will create a rim to help it stay steady
  • Make the worms and then squash them onto the sides so that it’s reinforced, and make sure that it stays on until they’re fired off.

Coil it Together!

  • Spread your fingers
  • Roll them along the work surface
  • Always make sure that the rolls will be proportional to the size of the pot
  • From here, put the first coil against the base
  • Hit it with the bat to help the clay adhere to the base, and smooth the inside and the outside of the coil itself to create a surface that contours
  • Repeat this process, making sure that whenever the top coil is blended in with the one under it
  • Give it hits with the bat each time
  • If you don’t finish this in a single period, cover it with bags and leave it in a place that is cool
  • If needed, you may have to slip and score the coils when you come back so that they can apply it together

Finishing these off

  • Use something to smooth them out and give them a better profile
  • Carving designs
  • Glaze the pot
  • Fire this
  • Tan or neutral color
  • White
  • Green
  • Zippers
  • Bracelets
  • Erasers
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Pins




Cat fanatic and Arts and Craft Lover. With Pottery being my favorite hobby. And a dangerous combo when you add in a couple of chaotic cats. :)

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Terry Connor

Terry Connor

Cat fanatic and Arts and Craft Lover. With Pottery being my favorite hobby. And a dangerous combo when you add in a couple of chaotic cats. :)

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